Reinvent Linkeind

This is the time to reinvent ourselves. To be true to our heart and our talents and use them to support others in their paths. Now more than ever we must be fulfilled for what we do for a living, for the things we do every day, and for what we invest our time in. There is no time to lose in nonsenses, in living other life’s and expectations. It is the time to create, to innovate and to give life to all those crazy but interesting ideas and projects we have been holding to ourselves.

My reinvention began around 10 years ago, it was a slow process, I start by understanding my strengths and talents, follow by studying new things, acquiring new experiences and expanding my network. I then start to use those new tools at work and at my personal life. I launched a blog and start writing about my experiences and opinions, I engage the Coaching department of my former employer and start coaching high level executives that were needing a change in their careers.

Change can occur from one day to another as we are experiencing Today, but if we start preparing for those changes we will for sure take the best out of them, changes and crisis are full of opportunities we just need to adjust our eyes, be curious and brave to embark on new journeys.

Here is my new journey, one that sums my experience, my knowledge, my strengths and talents. I would love to share this new chapter with you, if you want to, just sign up for my newsletter I promise to send you relevant content and stories, as you know I’m a story teller at heart.

*Coming soon my official website, stay tuned!

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